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Prayers of Concern and Praise

March 15, 2020

O, Lord we lift-up our church family and all those in need of your healing grace.
This our earnest plea and we ask it in the name of Christ, our Savior.
For the 2+ people who we know, that need to know you.
Our Session, Elders, members and the church’s many missions and programs
Our Pastor, Rev. Ryan J. Gaffney his wife, Tiffany, and their daughter
Paul and Dori Pittman – Missionaries serving in South America
Theresa Weaver – Missionary serving in Albania
The Hoods – Missionaries serving in Kenya
The Turks – Missionaries serving in Madagascar
Military serving in all areas of the world
Christians and Christian Churches suffering persecution and all of God’s people
The President of the United States, the Congress and all who govern and lead
All those affected by the COVID-19 Virus, including the ill, the vulnerable, the quarantined, healthcare and hospital workers, and other individuals providing essential service
Our community, our nation and the world

Terri & Kim – Denese’s nieces
Nancy – friend of Denese
George Woodard – Alex’s brother
Betty Grosse
Taylor Campen – Alex Woodard
Priscilla Hein – Mary Guernsey’s sister
Nancy & Jack McAdams
Brock Beasley -Lydia Bowen’s grandson
Marci Perkins
Shirley Dawson
Nancy Kirkland – Connie’s Sister-in-law
Nancy Faulk – Miriam Russell
Ellen McElwain –Barbara Dodrill
Rev. Dr. Fernando Cascante’s mother
Christopher Cooper – Miriam Russell
Mattie – Miriam Russell
Betty Hyde – Kaye Ellis
Jim McGowen – Rumpfs
Stephen Kirkland – Connie’s Brother
Kaelyn – Barbara Dodrill
Mary Ellen – Barbara Dodrill
Gerilynn Morgan – Daltons
Steve Pagan – Kaye Ellis
Charlie Kirkland – Connie’s brother
Ronnie Carroll
Ted Ruta
Margaret – Alex Woodard’s sister
Safe Travel
Glenda Anthony
Beth Pallone & Dennis Viera
Naomi – Wayne Tate’s sister
Bill & Karen – Denese’s sister & husband
Connie Johnson
Jean Jones
Sherri Erwin
Tate Easton – Rumpfs
Robert Dodrill, Jr.
Vicki Pace – Glenda’s Cousin
Jana – Vivian with Ponderosa