Ryan J. Gaffney - Pastor
Reverend Ryan Gaffney was born in nearby Melbourne FL, but came to College Park the long way, through California, Kansas, and Texas. In each of those places he became involved in unique ministry opportunities, beginning in Youth and Children's Ministry, then Planting a College Ministry through IVCF, and finally completing his Masters of Divinity at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

Ryan is a reformed evangelical Christian, committed to teaching the Bible, and to leading people into greater understanding of God and his teachings.

Carol Dalton - Office Manager
Carol Dalton, long time church member, is the Office Manager. She comes with a wealth of experience in the administrative field and is enjoying a third career. She has served as a Senior Customer Service Representative for Progress Energy of Florida and as Human Resources Administrator for a local manufacturing company. Carol's office welcomes all of us to phone or come in for work and appointments. She has organized our office to serve everyone in our church. Carol is married to Tom Dalton, who is an elder of this church. They have two daughters, Michelle and Mindy, a grandson, Dalton.

John Olbert - Media technician
John has been serving the Lord as a musician, screenwriter, producer and author for many years. His credits include "The Christmas Chronicles" (A way to the manger); airing on USA radio networks and "Why the Evergreen's stay green". He is a teacher for drama and sports at Lakemont Elementary, via the extended day program as well as creative director for Splash US Development, Patriot Media (Scotland) and the 2G Group (Spain).

8:55am: Fellowship Hall Prayer Time
9am: Sunday School
10:30-11:30am: Worship for All Ages
11:30am: Fellowship
6:30pm: “The Lord’s Prayer" in Chapel
7:30-8:30am: Men's Ministry - Conference Room
1: Prayer Ministry in Conference Room at 10:30am
1: Presbytery COM Meeting – All day
1: The Lord’s Prayer in Chapel at 6:30pm
2: National Day of Prayer
2: Explorer Ministry in River Room at 6pm
4: All Church Workday - 8am
5: Worship/Communion at 10:30am
5: Worship & Witness Ministry in River Room at 12pm
5: Operations Ministry at 6pm
8: The Lord’s Prayer in Chapel at 6:30pm
9: Explorer Ministry in Chapel at 6pm
12: Mother’s Day
12: Worship at 10:30am
14: Faith Circle Women’s Ministry in Chapel at 10:30am
15: Prayer Ministry in Comfort Room at 10:30am
16: Explorer Ministry in River Room at 6pm
17: Working Women’s Fellowship from 7-9pm at Erwin Home
19: Worship 10:30am - Congregational Meeting Following
23: Explorer Ministry in River Room at 6pm
25: Game Night - 5-8pm
26: Worship at 10:30am
26: Fellowship Meal at 11:30am
26: Session Meeting at 12:30pm
27: Memorial Day
30: Explorer Ministry in River Room at 6pm
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Ryan J. Gaffney, Pastor
118 East Par Street
Orlando, FL 32804