Our Missionaries

College Park Presbyterian Church supports missionaries in and around the Philadelphia area in college campus ministries and in Latin America.

Gabe and Jennifer Bouch witness faithfully and diligently to college students. They are continuing their vision at Freedom Church Philadelphia, which began May 29, 2011. They are reaching out to college students, graduate students and faculty members in this demographic. They continue to impact our future leaders, teachers and other professionals with Bible Study groups, individual and group discussions, questions and answer sessions and understanding the Christian faith through the gospel. They ask us to join them in praying for the true message of God's good news to penetrate the hearts of those within their ministry and across the globe. Prayers for the entire family as they are expecting their 6th child in July.

Paul and Dori Pittman are continually at risk for their personal well-being as they serve the Lord in Latin America. They encounter extremely challenging situations in places such as: Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Nicaragua and many other areas. Their commitment and dedication truly shows in a quote from them: “we are seeing God’s people engaged in Kingdom-building…both you AND us…are privileged to be a part of it”.

We support our missionaries with prayer and contributions, to assist them in their ministry and show our gratitude and appreciation to those who have committed their lives to spreading the gospel to future generations and those living in places where they otherwise may never have had the opportunity to hear the “good news” or be exposed to the teachings of the gospel.

The Bouchs are directly associated with Global Impact Resources and the Pittmans with United World Mission. Contributions made through College Park Presbyterian Church are forwarded to the mission headquarters for distribution to these missionaries to enable them to continue to follow where God leads them.


8:55am: Fellowship Hall Prayer Time
9am: Sunday School
10:30-11:30am: Worship for All Ages
11:30am: Fellowship
6:30pm: “The Lord’s Prayer" in Chapel
7:30-8:30am: Men's Ministry - Conference Room
1: Prayer Ministry in Conference Room at 10:30am
1: Presbytery COM Meeting – All day
1: The Lord’s Prayer in Chapel at 6:30pm
2: National Day of Prayer
2: Explorer Ministry in River Room at 6pm
4: All Church Workday - 8am
5: Worship/Communion at 10:30am
5: Worship & Witness Ministry in River Room at 12pm
5: Operations Ministry at 6pm
8: The Lord’s Prayer in Chapel at 6:30pm
9: Explorer Ministry in Chapel at 6pm
12: Mother’s Day
12: Worship at 10:30am
14: Faith Circle Women’s Ministry in Chapel at 10:30am
15: Prayer Ministry in Comfort Room at 10:30am
16: Explorer Ministry in River Room at 6pm
17: Working Women’s Fellowship from 7-9pm at Erwin Home
19: Worship 10:30am - Congregational Meeting Following
23: Explorer Ministry in River Room at 6pm
25: Game Night - 5-8pm
26: Worship at 10:30am
26: Fellowship Meal at 11:30am
26: Session Meeting at 12:30pm
27: Memorial Day
30: Explorer Ministry in River Room at 6pm
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